My life is about to change…forever

Well, I have been a little MIA over the past few months, but hopefully this blog will explain that a little bit!  I have been busy… very busy… with my greatest life challenge so far.  I am about to have our first baby boy!  We knew right away that we wanted to be parents and were quickly blessed with getting pregnant.  When I say quickly, we were two months in to being newlyweds and got the exciting news.  Talk about a shock!

Being pregnant was not quite what I expected…  It took me a while to wrap my head around the idea.  I was sick… very sick for about 5 months.  Then had about 2 months of the “bliss” and now as I round up being 3 weeks from our due date, I have hit the “point” as my doctor told me I would.  The point of just being ready to meet this little one and get my body back.

With all of that said, I have been so supported by my amazing husband.  Pregnancy hormones and pains are real and he has been by my side through it all.  I have been showered with love by friends and family and we are so excited to know that this special little one is already so loved!

As with any new chapter in your life, comes meeting new people and I have had the opportunity to meet some new amazing, creative people.  That is what brings me back to my blog!  To once again share.  These folks have inspired me, pushed me without knowing, and supported me as I transition into becoming a mommy.  You will see more on all of these creative amazing people, but today…I share a new friend, creative soul and inspirer…  Emily Chidester.  I met her along the way and worked with her to do our Maternity Shoot.  UGH you guys!  I can’t being to express how much I love these and thank her for capturing this time in our lives!!!

Maternity Photo

We did a few of just me and the babe.  I didn’t know if I would love the ones of me staring down at my belly… it seemed very, strange (although I do it all the time).  But turns out… I do!

Maternity Shoot

Lake Maternity Shoot

I also loved that she included our “out-takes”.  She and the hubs were always making me laugh when I was trying to keep this straight, serious face.

Lake Maternity Shoot

She even made me look a little “sassy” at times.  If you know me, especially know me 37 weeks pregnant, I am in full waddle stage and the last thing I feel is sassy… so I just love these next few shots…It gave me a sense of self again!

Lake Maternity Shoot

Lake Maternity Shoot

And then, there is this man…. This man I love.  He makes me laugh when I am on an emotional roller coaster.  He rubs my feet when they look like swollen muffins.  He holds my hand and helps pull me out of seats when I am trying to stand up.  He walks slowly with me when I can’t walk fast.  He is my comfort, my support, and my strength through all of this.

Lake Maternity Shoot

Lake Maternity Shoot

Lake Maternity Shoot

Lake Maternity Shoot

He was such a trooper, always making us laugh, dancing and helping us enjoy the shoot.  I just smile when I look at him!

Lake Maternity Shoot

We went into the woods for a few shots near the end.   I believe this is one of my favorites.  This is my happy place.

Wooded Maternity Shoot

Wooded Maternity ShootI asked to sit down for a bit…  Good idea, good picture, don’t recommend it in a thin dress 🙂   That tree bark hurt – luckily that didn’t come through in the picture.

Wooded Maternity Shoot

And finally, she brought out her tilt-shift.  I love a good tilt-shift.  I love the blur.  I love the look it gives… a sense of wonder and movement.

Wooded Maternity ShootLadies… if I can tell you anything…do a maternity shoot.  Your body is in this crazy, amazing phase.  You will want to be able to look back and remember what it felt like to carry that sweet baby!

And Finally – I wanted to share a few things about what I have learned and maternity and clothes.  It is hard to find good clothes, like really hard to find.  I even thought about starting a line about 5 months in – haha yeah right.

Gap does not know me, but Gap Maternity has been my GO-TO for clothes during this process.  I knew the look I wanted for this shoot, and they saved the day with this great wrap dress.

Also…. accessories have become my new best friends.  Fun scarfs and especially fun necklaces.  I even got into making my own necklaces at this great bead shop here in Charlotte, NC… Beads, Inc.  I made the necklace that I am wearing in this shoot there.  They are so helpful and it felt so much more special to have a hand made, hand picked item that day!

xoxo mandi

About dryinkdesigns

As a designer in college, I know i wanted to eventually have my own design firm. After gaining experiences and knowledge through working with various corporations, I took the leap and began my own firm in 2011. This position allows me to use my love for creative storytelling with my marketing work experience and design logos and websites for individuals and companies that represent various industries nationwide. If I am not working on designs you will find me trying out new wineries or breweries with my husband or playing at home in my comfy clothes with my boys and Great Dane. I may be making a hand made necklace at a local bead shop or browsing local shops for unique pieces to add to our home. ​ If you want your brand to speak to you - and show others who you are... Let's get started!
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9 Responses to My life is about to change…forever

  1. Donna C says:

    Mandi, your maternity shots are gorgeous and adorable! You will be a great mom, and your husband will be a fabulous father. What a lucky little boy you will have. Miss your smile, and admit it stings a little to know that you won’t be joining us in Nashville for SERC next week. Take care, and keep those pics coming!

  2. Natalie Earnhardt says:

    Girl. Amazing! Way to share your beautiful story in an authentic & heartfelt way! You freaking rock!!!! And thanks for making me cry, when you started talking about Ryan, I lost my cool! SO happy for you!

    Oh and by the way, your pics are STUNNING!!! Love!!! And love the sassy shots, sexy hair and raw location! Get it!!!

    I’m so excited for you and these final weeks! Can’t wait to hear about the birth and meet this lucky lucky little boy…he gets to enjoy 2 amazing parents!!!


    Natalie Earnhardt | 704.507.8451

  3. debbie Heilig says:

    Of course this bought tears to my eyes just knowing that my “baby” is having a baby. So hard to believe!! You two will be great parents!!! Lucky little boy!!! Love the pictures, treasure them forever!! Here’s wishing you all the best life anyone could have!!! I can’t wait to be Ma Floss, Grandma, neena, whatever he decides to call me!! love to you Mom

  4. Sharon Livengood says:

    You know I absolutely LOVE these!! You ALL are Amazing!! Can’t wait for Babe Boy to be here!! Love your honesty. EXCITING!!!! LOVE, Sharon Livengood

  5. Mike Heilig says:

    Beautiful ☺

    Mike Heilig
    1417 Jake Alexander Blvd. South
    Salisbury, NC 28146
    (704) 633-1030

    > .·´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸ > ,.·´¯`·.¸.·´¯`·.¸ >

  6. Margi Jones says:

    Love the photos and the sweet story. Mandi you are so gifted and creative! Also blessed to have such a thoughtful husband . Praying blessings for your precious son, Ryan, and you!

  7. starr says:

    Mandy I remember when you were a little girl over at my house playing school or outside playing. You and Abbie have grown into beautiful ladies Luke I knew you would. I am so happy for you. This new adventure is the greatest gift from God. Being parents is wonderful and you both will be good at it. I pray many blessing for your family. This little boy has already been blessed to have you as his mom! These pictures are amazing. With two children of my own that are now 15 and 10 I would not trade it for the world. Can’t wait to meet this little guy.
    Love you

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