For the love of GOLD

I have been looking to my work to inspire me.  I want everything I do to inspire me, my client and all that see it.  With that in mind, I have been thinking through things that I am inspired by… lately – GOLD.  Is that strange?  I have used a lot of gold in our little guys Nursery, I bought a few gold frames for a gallery wall in my house, and have been doing a lot of hand lettering in gold.  I even bought some gold foil to try and use!  We will see.

Here is a sneak peak of some gold feathers I painted and added some touches with pencil… I promise anyone can do this!

gold feathers home decor

When I see these pictures below, I loved the pop of excitement that the gold adds…  A little sparkle without the glitter…. no need for that stuff to get everywhere #amiright?

gold inspiration

“You Had Me at Hello” cards, gold prints by whitney blake, Emily McCarthy’s use of gold in everything, baby moccasins on freshly picked, gold desk accessories from bright and bold.

With that in mind, I have a friend that is an interior designer with an amazing sense of style.  You can follow her on instagram…  Amazing Home Design. Period. Some funk, some spark and when I was doodling today, I starting playing with her family initial and her family names… I think next I will do some to actually print in my house.

Here are a few options I did with their last name.

family logo

What is inspiring you?  Do you love gold?



About dryinkdesigns

A marketing and business development background is the foundation for Mandi Boedicker’s passion for creating memorable branding support for a number of clients. Initially a graphic designer by trade, Boedicker’s marketing experience in the construction industry sparked a passion for networking and community partnerships. Dry Ink Designs was a natural next step. Boedicker’s freelance client work had spanned over ten years already while maintaining a full-time career, so she turned her creative energy into a career that benefitted the relationships she was building. Strengths in calligraphy, painting and photography soon grew into strengths in corporate identity strategy and marketing/communications support.
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