5 things every mobile website should have.

It is time. Time we stop making the mobile version of our website boring. Time to stop letting them be an afterthought of the desktop website.  Face the facts… over half of the time someone views your website it will be on a mobile or tablet device. 40% of people ONLY use their phone to search website.


All sites should be RESPONSIVE. Responsive design basically means that your design will be created in a way that it can be viewed on many platforms… mobile devices, tablets and of course desktop computers.  If your site is not currently responsive, let’s work on that!

  1. Always have your logo visible and have your visual brand present.
    • Creating a lasting visual impression is such a big deal and you will want to make sure that your log is front and center!  Consistency is KEY here and you want to make sure everyone knows exactly who they are looking at.  I always suggest having your logo and your colors visually present.  This can be done with text, photography or graphic elements, but it sets the tone and keeps visitors on your site longer – (SEO people!)
  2. Make it super easy to find the menu – some people call that stack of three lines the hamburger, but this is KEY if you want people to explore your site.
    • There were years I spent trying to over design my sites… trying to make the menu so cool that people would want to just sit and mess around with the navigation.  Well, those days are long gone.  You get about 5-10 seconds for people to easily navigate to the page they are looking for, or sorry – they are moving on to the next.
  3. Have your social media easily accessible!
    • Simple… have it up top, have it down bottom… Social Media is the new business card and people will follow you and “keep your information” with your social media profiles.  There are ones I suggest for various reasons, but that is a topic for another day.  Must haves – FB and IG!
  4. Have a way for people to contact you. After all, this is the main reason we want people to come to our site… to be able to contact us!
    • As much as you would like to think people are reading your entire site… they aren’t!  They are looking at your home page, maybe a portfolio, possibly your about page.  They aren’t going to search for a way to get in touch with you.  People do not take time any more, and if you do not have an easy way for them to contact you…. they won’t.
  5. Have a call to action.
    • This is a simple graphic that prompts a visitor to take the next step.  A few of my favorites are listed below.
      • Phone number – these should be directly linked so the visitor can do it easily with one touch!
      • “Contact us” page
      • “Follow our blog” or “subscribe to our newsletter”
      • “Download a free guide”
      • “Follow us on social media”


Do not let your site be dull. It should be interactive, clean and large enough to read, branded (with more than your logo) and simple to navigate!

Questions?? I’m here to help!  Contact me to day!


responsive design.jpg

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Speak for yourself

I have had my business now for just over six years.  I have grown this business to a place of comfort.  I have done MY design, MY way and served clients on visual branding, website design and marketing.

I read a quote today by MLK that says, “You must decide to speak for yourself; nobody else can speak for you.”  Today it rings clear. For years now I have received questions from clients making sure that I was the one doing the design.  I have had people come to me for designs based on drawings that I do just for fun.  People always comment, I always know it is from you because of your handwriting or it is my clean style.  Even at my wedding, my dear florist, Springvine Design, said – you are no longer allowed on Pinterest… You tell me what speaks to you, not what you think others believe to be beautiful.  I ended up with the most amazing wedding that was so true to myself.  So why – why was I pushing myself  to conform to others when all of this talent was in me?

New days are ahead!!!   I have always compared myself to others.  Looked at other designers, followed trends and made sure I was fitting in.  Well now is the time for a shift.  I am giving more of myself these days.  What does that mean?

  • I am following my gut vs comparing my design to others.
  • I will use my years of experience and knowledge, and share that with you.  It may be design tips or what I consider to be a trend – but it will come 100% from me.
  • I will share my art and my passion for design.
  • In hand lettering – I will use my handwriting and my style vs trying to copy what I see as beautiful as I thumb scroll through IG.
  • I will create an email platform for you all to share inspiration and education on graphic design.  I have learned from some of the best through the years and now it is time for me to give back!

With all of this said, Is there anything you would like to hear?  Like to learn?  PLEASE share!  I am here, with my whole creative self for you!

Want to dig deeper and tell your story?  Contact me to get started today with your creative process!!




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Hand lettering Challenge – #letteritjune – Part 2

I will say that participating in the hand lettering challenge by @Jennymaiedae has proven to be very helpful to me and my practice!  I have really enjoyed experimenting with different pens and papers.

A recap of my first half of the month can be seen here.

Now for a few favorites for the end of the month.

Hand Lettering Quote Hand Lettering Quote Hand Lettering Quote

Hand Lettering Quote

Hand Lettered Quote

I hope you like viewing these as much as I like doing them!


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Handlettering Challenge – @letteritjune

I have practiced calligraphy and hand lettering for years, but recently I have put more focus to my practice.  When @Jennymaiedae posted her line up for #letteritjune on Instagram, I knew this was something that I wanted to participate in.  I am about halfway through the month and have really enjoyed how I have pushed myself and tried new styles, techniques and pens.  I have also used a bit of my faux calligraphy, which you can see more on this here.

Below are a few from the first 15 days of this month!  If you do hand lettering I challenge you to join in!  This has really helped me.  Follow along on Instagram or Facebook to see all of my sketches and drawings.

you are so loved don't stumble over something behind you let love grow cheer others on sometimes it ends up differently



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