Speak for yourself

I have had my business now for just over six years.  I have grown this business to a place of comfort.  I have done MY design, MY way and served clients on visual branding, website design and marketing.

I read a quote today by MLK that says, “You must decide to speak for yourself; nobody else can speak for you.”  Today it rings clear. For years now I have received questions from clients making sure that I was the one doing the design.  I have had people come to me for designs based on drawings that I do just for fun.  People always comment, I always know it is from you because of your handwriting or it is my clean style.  Even at my wedding, my dear florist, Springvine Design, said – you are no longer allowed on Pinterest… You tell me what speaks to you, not what you think others believe to be beautiful.  I ended up with the most amazing wedding that was so true to myself.  So why – why was I pushing myself  to conform to others when all of this talent was in me?

New days are ahead!!!   I have always compared myself to others.  Looked at other designers, followed trends and made sure I was fitting in.  Well now is the time for a shift.  I am giving more of myself these days.  What does that mean?

  • I am following my gut vs comparing my design to others.
  • I will use my years of experience and knowledge, and share that with you.  It may be design tips or what I consider to be a trend – but it will come 100% from me.
  • I will share my art and my passion for design.
  • In hand lettering – I will use my handwriting and my style vs trying to copy what I see as beautiful as I thumb scroll through IG.
  • I will create an email platform for you all to share inspiration and education on graphic design.  I have learned from some of the best through the years and now it is time for me to give back!

With all of this said, Is there anything you would like to hear?  Like to learn?  PLEASE share!  I am here, with my whole creative self for you!

Want to dig deeper and tell your story?  Contact me to get started today with your creative process!!




About dryinkdesigns

As a designer in college, I know i wanted to eventually have my own design firm. After gaining experiences and knowledge through working with various corporations, I took the leap and began my own firm in 2011. This position allows me to use my love for creative storytelling with my marketing work experience and design logos and websites for individuals and companies that represent various industries nationwide. If I am not working on designs you will find me trying out new wineries or breweries with my husband or playing at home in my comfy clothes with my boys and Great Dane. I may be making a hand made necklace at a local bead shop or browsing local shops for unique pieces to add to our home. ​ If you want your brand to speak to you - and show others who you are... Let's get started!
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3 Responses to Speak for yourself

  1. Beth Ganoe, CPSM says:

    Love this!

    ECS SOUTHEAST, LLP T 704.525.5152 | D 704.319.7838 | C 704.506.8105

    Confidential/proprietary message/attachments. Delete message/attachments if not intended recipient.

  2. Debbie Heilig says:

    I am so proud of you !!!

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