Halfway House – A New Brand

I am talking a lot about being inspired lately.  It drives me to be better not only in my career, my design, but also my daily life!

I love dogs… I have grown up with a house always full of dogs.  If you follow me on Instagram – please follow me on Instagram – you will often times see pictures of our girl, Bella.  She is a beautiful, spoiled Blue Merle Great Dane that we just love!  You will also see pictures of my parents and friends dogs as well!  It’s worth a follow!

Here is a recent pic… this one i’ll call.  “Mom, I’m trying to sleep, please get out of my face”

great dane

I love my girl…  Love that she is here to keep me company when I work and can’t wait to see her relationship with our baby when he arrives.  I will be honest though, at 120 lbs, she can be a handful sometimes.  She likes to play, run through the house and at almost 2 years old, is still ALL PUPPY!

Recently, I was contacted by a group of ladies who do fostering.  You guys – these gals sometimes have more than 10, more than 15 dogs at their house at any given time!  Out of the goodness of their hearts.  They are amazing and do such an amazing thing fostering puppies and dogs of all ages and breeds until they find their forever home.  These dogs may need special medical attention, which they provide, or may just need a warm and loving place to live until they are adopted, but all the same they are rescued, fostered, and loved until they go on to their families.

The group of women, named The Halfway House, is a small rescue located in Salisbury, NC (about one hour northeast of Charlotte, NC).  They came together to help find homes for unwanted dogs- both in the shelter and in the community. They ensure that all dogs are fully vetted and spayed or neutered and look for homes where they will be an member of the family, not just another pet.

I mean look at that face!

halfway home rescue dog

You can find The Halfway House on Facebook where they give updates and photos on a regular basis.

You can also find them on their Adopt A Pet page as well!

Unlike most groups or companies that come to me, they had a very clear concept of what they wanted their logo to look like.  You can tell these women had put so much thought and love into this concept.  I was so happy to bring this to life for them!  I see this as a home full of dogs sharing love!

Halfway House

Next it was time to choose their colors.  I gave them a selection to choose from, all bright, fun colors that I felt could represent their group!

color logo choicesI really love the one they chose!  It was the most popular on social media as well, so I know they made the right choice!

logo design

Then I gave them a few more logo layouts for various placements, a pattern, and some icons they can use!  I am really happy with how it turned out and can’t wait to see what these ladies do in the future for all of the pups!

brand design

Now for some more of those beautiful doggies!

foster puppy, rescue

Some time on vacation with his foster mom!foster puppy, rescue

This guy is NOT leaving his foster dad’s lap!foster puppy, rescue foster puppy, rescue

This guy’s smile makes my heart melt!foster puppy, rescue foster puppy, rescue foster puppy, rescue foster puppy, rescue foster puppy, rescue

Enjoy your new homes babies!!!


About dryinkdesigns

As a designer in college, I know i wanted to eventually have my own design firm. After gaining experiences and knowledge through working with various corporations, I took the leap and began my own firm in 2011. This position allows me to use my love for creative storytelling with my marketing work experience and design logos and websites for individuals and companies that represent various industries nationwide. If I am not working on designs you will find me trying out new wineries or breweries with my husband or playing at home in my comfy clothes with my boys and Great Dane. I may be making a hand made necklace at a local bead shop or browsing local shops for unique pieces to add to our home. ​ If you want your brand to speak to you - and show others who you are... Let's get started!
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4 Responses to Halfway House – A New Brand

  1. Christy File says:

    So grateful to you! Thank you so much for being awesome!!

  2. Debbie File says:

    Love the new logo Mandi. Great job!

  3. Martie Chotiner says:

    Love this blog. I don’t know you, Mandi, but I love you! Great job on the logo! You have a heart the size of Texas.

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