there is good art and there is bad art

Be warned… I write this post today out of anger.

You may have seen the photo I use for a lot of my branding.  I love how I just fit right in 😉

dry ink with mural

dry ink salisbury mural

Well someone has decided to deface the 1980 mural in my hometown of Salisbury by adding mustaches and chin beards to a number of the men in the image.  Read more here.

The mural, called “Crossroads — Past into Present,” represents many men and women of the town in an 18th Century setting.

The original artist has promised that she will come to town from DC to see how she can help restore the painting.

vandals mar salisbury mural vandals mar salisbury mural vandals mar salisbury mural

There is good art, and there is bad art people!  Good art does not deface, mar, vandalize or harm previous art in anyway.  It respects and admires.

Please choose the type of art you wish to participate in.



About dryinkdesigns

A marketing and business development background is the foundation for Mandi Boedicker’s passion for creating memorable branding support for a number of clients. Initially a graphic designer by trade, Boedicker’s marketing experience in the construction industry sparked a passion for networking and community partnerships. Dry Ink Designs was a natural next step. Boedicker’s freelance client work had spanned over ten years already while maintaining a full-time career, so she turned her creative energy into a career that benefitted the relationships she was building. Strengths in calligraphy, painting and photography soon grew into strengths in corporate identity strategy and marketing/communications support.
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