so this is what it looks like…

These past few years have been kind of challenging for me.  I was doing the wrong job for the wrong companies.  I was going through the motions of life, but now looking back I was barely living.  Life is not waking up to an alarm clock, doing a job that is just ok and getting up every morning to start that process all over.

About 7 months ago I took the leap of faith and I am continually amazed by the ways my life has changed.  I love everything about my job and the people that I get to work with.  My clients have brought such happiness to my life and I am thankful everyday.

I think this all hit me a few months ago when I was having lunch with an old co-worker.  Part of our conversation went something like this…

“wow… so, this is what it looks like”
I replied.  “what are you talking about, what, what looks like?”
“this is what it looks like when you are happy… there is a new sparkle in your eye – I haven’t seen this before – not in the 2 years I have known you”

WHOA….The rest of our lunch I just let that sit and didn’t really respond, but when I walked out… I went to my car, sat there for a second and just started laughing… then crying… then laughing again.  He was right… for the first time in what seemed like forever I was… HAPPY!!! Not for any reason in particular other than I was living life fully – doing what I love and enjoying the people I am surrounded by.

I gotta tell ya… it is a good time to be me!

How do you capture happiness?  Well the other day I was taking pictures with one of my clients for an upcoming proposal.  There were some light and positioning checks and when he was behind the camera, he was like – let’s get some of you.  YIKES.  I do not love having pictures of myself taken, but when I downloaded these – I sat and stared… my old coworker was right – I do have a different look – I am happy.  I thought I would share these with you all, so here are a few of the ones when I was “making love to the camera”.  (please ignore the bags under my eyes… we were all running on a few hours of sleep!)

Light Check:

Wait… pictures of me?  Hold on, I gotta get situated!

Obviously after being told some joke, or being told to “make love to the camera”  that line is so funny to me!

Ok… finally one that is “usable”… Lord, that was a funny 5 minutes!


About dryinkdesigns

A marketing and business development background is the foundation for Mandi Boedicker’s passion for creating memorable branding support for a number of clients. Initially a graphic designer by trade, Boedicker’s marketing experience in the construction industry sparked a passion for networking and community partnerships. Dry Ink Designs was a natural next step. Boedicker’s freelance client work had spanned over ten years already while maintaining a full-time career, so she turned her creative energy into a career that benefitted the relationships she was building. Strengths in calligraphy, painting and photography soon grew into strengths in corporate identity strategy and marketing/communications support.
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2 Responses to so this is what it looks like…

  1. Debbie says:

    So glad you are happy with your life! Things are all coming together for you in so many ways!!!
    Proud of the young lady you have become! Keep that smile!!! Love you, Mom!!

  2. Lucy Worth says:

    Fabulous! I am really happy for you. You deserve to fly!

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