As you go through life some tidbits of advice really stand out and stick with you.  I will never forget one particular day.

Here I am, a new graphic design student in the Journalism School at UNC Chapel Hill,  taking one of those “introduction to design” courses.  The one where you open illustrator for the first time and wonder what the heck all of those icons on the left hand side mean and HOW will you ever learn how to use them.

One of our big projects was to create a personal logo.  I had to come up with a design that represents myself as well as my new-found ability to use the pen tool in illustrator!  Let’s just say – at this point it in my career this was NOT easy.  There were days of wondering how I was going to represent myself as a designer.  I have no idea where this logo is saved, but I wanted to share it with you so here is a 2 minute version of what I came up with years ago.  Back then I actually made it straight and everything lined up – but it was meant to represent my initials – and a pica pole – how creative, huh!

First Personal Logo

I like to think my logos have come a long way since then!

One day during the process I was sketching out some ideas and my professor came by and said.  “KISS”.  I of course responded…huh?  “KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid”.  He explained to me that design is supposed to be transparent, you should not need to think about it, so keep it simple….. stupid.  I was over thinking everything and realized… sometimes you need to step back, take the design for what it is.  He was telling me about the idea many designers love… The KISS principle.

Keep It Simple Stupid


Design tells a story without saying it.  Design is simple to understand.  Design is clean and messy at the same time.  It is creative and brilliant.

Look at Me Design

Next time you are designing a brand, a brochure, a website, etc.  Step back, remember the KISS principle…  Keep It Simple…..Stupid!

Get Your Ink On


About dryinkdesigns

A marketing and business development background is the foundation for Mandi Boedicker’s passion for creating memorable branding support for a number of clients. Initially a graphic designer by trade, Boedicker’s marketing experience in the construction industry sparked a passion for networking and community partnerships. Dry Ink Designs was a natural next step. Boedicker’s freelance client work had spanned over ten years already while maintaining a full-time career, so she turned her creative energy into a career that benefitted the relationships she was building. Strengths in calligraphy, painting and photography soon grew into strengths in corporate identity strategy and marketing/communications support.
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