100 days of happy

I am participating in a 100 day challenge – #100happydays.


The girls over at Sunny Slide Up are also participating, so be sure to follow our progress!

I am not sure what to expect from this challenge, but I am excited!

Be sure to follow me on instagram  - dryinkdesigns - I will be using #100happydays

Join in!  And if you do – let me know!!!




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turning the arctic pink

How about this amazing outcome with using Infrared Film

infrared film arctic

infrared film

You can see the rest of the work here.



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watch hunger stop

Today on Sunny Slide Up, I write about watch that will help with world hunger!


What an amazing program by Michael Kors.

watch hunger stop



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a different view of the world

I love the work of creative people!  Check out these takes on the globe!

butterfly world map

dubai world map

metro world map


water world map


You can see more on the original post, here.



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Miles of Irish Smiles

I will soon marry a man that has a rich Irish family history.  In honor of him and his family today I wanted to share a poem I found today!

irish blessing


Original Post

xoxo mandi

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show me the money

ok.. just because it is Friday and just because I love this…

Here you go!

target money cards




Sara Lintner is such an inspiration.  She does a log of work for Target, and I appreciate her clean design and simple style.

Sample Logos:

logo design


Remember this… she had a hand in it too!



well done, Sara!!!


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It’s about time

I have to admit it, I am not a huge fan of clocks on my walls at my house.  I always think if done correctly, it looks nice… but personally, I do not need anything else to tell me what time it is.

That is… until I saw this.

graphic design clock


I mean, this is more like artwork right?

Recently Ecka & Pecka posted a blog about great clock finds..  See all of their picks here.

Where have you seen your favorite clocks?


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